Best Companies to Work for Part 2 – Is it Important for You to Work for a Company That Values Your Opinion

Each year, different organizations such as Canada’s Top 100, The Financial Post’s Top 10 and Fortune Magazine’s Top 100, release their lists of the best companies to work for. Instead of listing who we think are the best companies to obtain work, this article is the second in a three part series that will outline the attributes that make for a great work place, and how you can find the right employment to suit your needs.

The best companies to work for in Canada are the ones that listen to and engage their employees. An employee who truly feels that their opinion is valued is a happy employee. Employees have reported that working for an employer who values their opinion makes a huge difference in their overall job satisfaction. The Blessing White 2011 employee engagement report, which is about workplace satisfaction, revealed some very interesting information in this regard.

  • Out of 10,914 workers surveyed by Blessing White, only 31% reported that they are engaged. In our industry, the retail industry, we have found many employees who approach us for employment are doing so because they have found themselves feeling like their employers do not see them as skilled professionals. Instead, they are viewed as entry level employees, and their voices are often not heard. It is a big mistake for retailers to make. Entry level retail employees are the foundation of the retail industry and must possess many different skill sets to be successful. Retail employees benefit from working with an employer who shows them respect, values their contribution and considers their voices in company decisions.
  • Despite the economic recession, more employees are looking for opportunities outside of their organization than in 2008, suggesting that 2012 will be a challenging year for retention. In our experience, many professionals in the retail industry are starting to look at less conventional employment arrangements. Working directly for a single retailer does not always give the retail professional as much of a feeling of appreciation than those who work for placement agencies that tout its retail workforce as top level professionals who can make or break an organization’s success.
  • Employees worldwide who know their managers as “people” are more likely to be engaged. We have noticed that retail employees who work with an employer who communicates and makes them feel valued makes for a happier work environment and overall experience.
  • The higher up in the organization you go, the more likely you are to be engaged. This statistic speaks volumes as it relates to the retail industry. In the retail industry, front line employees are the foundation of a retailer’s success. This is one reason why it is so important to work with a retail organization who values their employee’s opinions, especially when statistics show that a higher ratio of lower level employees feel disengaged in the work place.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work for a company who considers your voice in their vision? When this happens employees will align themselves to reach a company’s goals. Listening to all employees’ thoughts and opinion ensures that lower ranked staff are not excluded and left without a sense of the company’s direction.

For more information about the best companies to work for or if you are looking for a rewarding retail career with an organization who will hear your voice and value your input, please visit or call Bonnie Yhip at 1 877-421-5081.

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