Best Companies to Work for Part 3 – The Difference Between a Toronto Job Bank and Toronto Placement Agencies

Each year, different organizations such as Canada’s Top 100, The Financial Post’s Top 10 and Fortune Magazine’s Top 100, release their lists of the best companies to work for. Instead of listing who we think are the best companies to obtain work, this article is the third in a three part series that will outline the attributes that make for a great work place, and how you can find the right employment to suit your needs.

The employment landscape in Toronto has changed since the recession. In the retail industry, many companies only offer temporary or contract positions.

Toronto employment agencies and job banks have become more popular because organizations can count on the employment agency to recruit talent and send qualified talent forward.

Toronto job banks offer job opportunities classed in three categories – temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent. Temporary positions offer you an opportunity at employment over a specified period of time. At the end of the specified time, the employment will end and you will have to return to the Toronto job bank and start the application process again to obtain a position at a different company. A temporary to permanent position involves obtaining employment through an employment agency on a temporary basis where permanent employment may be offered, if the employer is satisfied with your performance. A permanent position is when an employer is seeking to have a permanent position filled. These positions involve a more rigorous interview process because the employer is looking to hire someone that will stay with them for a long period of time. In all of these scenarios you may be paid by the job bank or by the employer directly.

If a Toronto job bank doesn’t have any retailers looking for staff then you likely will not have an opportunity with that agency. In addition, if you are hired on a three or six month contract, for example, at the end of your contract you could be without work for months until the job bank can offer you another opportunity – for which you may apply. Once another opportunity comes up, you will have to go through the interview process again and the job bank will send the organization other candidates to choose from as well so there are really no guarantees.

Toronto placement agencies are professional organizations that many companies use to staff their retail outlets. It is easy to become confused with the difference between a Toronto job bank and a Toronto placement agency.

Toronto placement agencies hire employees and the employees are actually professional representatives of that placement agency. The Toronto placement agencies’¬†clients are companies who require staff support. When you obtain employment through a Toronto placement agency you are actually employed through the placement agency. You will be sent to different retailers to provide support on behalf of the placement agency.

Toronto placement agencies provide more stability and flexibility than Toronto job banks. This is because when you work for a Toronto placement agency there are no interruptions in employment or breaks between one opportunity and another. You don’t have to interview with different employers because the placement agency is your employer. The placement agency is staffed according to the number of clients they have. Your schedule is flexible because you are in a position to set your own schedule. You tell the placement agency the days and hours you can work and they will schedule in with their clients based on your availability.

Toronto placement agencies are some of the best companies to work for in the retail industry because of the stability and flexibility they provide. For more information about the best companies to work for or opportunities with the Toronto placement agency StoreSupport, please visit or call Bonnie Yhip at 1 877-421-5081.

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