Brand Loyalty Blog Series: Does Brand Perception Really Matter?

brand loyalty, brand perceptionBrand loyalty – that ever-evolving, fluid concept that no one ever seems to be able to nail down, especially when it comes to harnessing the power of it. The last few weeks we have focussed exclusively on brand loyalty and examined the various factors that seem to influence it: age, price, and location. We have yet to talk about brand perception though, and so this week we remedy that with our fourth blog in this series about what makes a customer loyal.

Brand perception, or what shoppers think about your brand, is crucial to brand loyalty – this is no secret. As much as price, online vs. bricks and mortar, or even millennial vs. baby boomer can have an impact, these factors all work in tandem with brand perception. The image you present to consumers is a major influencer when it comes to buying behaviour.

A recent study done by Ipsos Reid gives us just one example of this – but it is an extremely powerful example. The study conducted by Ipsos Reid and the Cause Marketing Forum on Canadians’ attitudes toward corporate citizenship efforts found that an overwhelming majority (84%) of Canadians claim that they would likely switch brands to one affiliated with a good cause if price point and quality were similar. For more, you can check out the release here:

But civic responsibility is only part of the equation. Things like customer service, presentation, even availability on shelf all impact brand perception and therefore brand loyalty. At the retailer level, long line ups or unorganized stores can also have an impact – usually a negative one.

Knowing that a positive brand perception is critical to overall brand loyalty, we should be focussing on ramping up that image through various channels, including proper people support, correct pricing, and visual displays that attract and motivate. All of these things work together to help build up an image of a strong and influential company that consumers can trust.

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