Building Brand Recognition – The Dos and Don’ts

brand recognitionIn the ever-evolving world of retail, building brand recognition continues to be that ever-present thorn in your side, that branch that seems to continually be out of reach. Once established, brand recognition is never static, and loyalties change like the seasons (if not even more often). Does this mean then that attempting to create and harness brand loyalty has become a fruitless endeavour? We don’t think so.

Here is our list of the top dos and don’ts when it comes to building brand loyalty. Don’t give up – just think differently.

Do: Recognize that there are differences between the generations as far as brand loyalty. The research shows that differences do exist, and that often the younger generations are less loyal than their predecessors.

Don’t: Assume that, since many Millennials tend not to identify as brand loyal, that they should be largely ignored as an attainable target group. Furthermore, don’t assume that because the older generations tend to identify as more brand loyal that they then make easy targets and that once obtained will never switch.

Do: Consider a customer loyalty program that offers real incentives – but make sure that those incentives are attractive enough to have real value. A points system that takes years to materialize isn’t much in the way of motivation.

Don’t: Assume that this is the be all and end all of the brand loyalty game. Just because a customer gets something in return for their purchase, doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t ever shop anywhere else.

Do: Take visual merchandising seriously. Develop a plan to grab consumers’ interest. Take advantage of seasonal themes, the science of colour, and even interactive displays if possible.

Don’t: Retailers – change things up and then leave them for months at a time. Stagnant displays quickly lose their value. Things need to be fresh and creative to attract attention.

Brands – don’t set it up in store and assume that the retailer will manage it correctly. Make sure you have a system in place to ensure that it is stocked and located in the right spot throughout the entire campaign period.

Do: Offer various avenues for customers to provide feedback. Social media is a great space for this, if managed correctly, as is the good old suggestion box.

Don’t: Offer various avenues for customers to provide feedback and then ignore that feedback. When a customer takes the time to provide you with this information, use that valuable intel appropriately. Research shows that only a small minority will ever provide feedback (most will just choose to shop elsewhere or buy something else), so take whatever information you are given and act upon it. And, whenever possible, respond to feedback you receive (i.e. on social media). Customers want to feel as though their opinions matter (and they honestly do).

Building brand loyalty is a game without a finish line, and when you take the time to work with what you’ve got you can actually make some important inroads. Take this list of dos and don’ts and apply it to your own approach.

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