Building Those Connections: Boosting Brand Loyalty in 2017

Brand loyalty – that fickle beast that all retailers and brands continuously attempt to wrangle. We’ve all been there before, struggling to harness the innate power of brand loyalty but never really knowing what exactly to do. This week we’ve got some tips to help you boost yours in 2017.

Social has come to dominate the brand loyalty scene. Your customers are looking for you online, following you, seeing what you’re up to. If you’re not there to engage them or catch their attention, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to gain their loyalty. Those brands that are active and responsive on social media have a much higher chance of increasing brand loyalty – so get online and join the conversation.

Community mindedness now plays a much larger role in consumer behaviour than it once did. Your customers are looking for brands who show passion for both the local and global community. Get to know your targets’ preferences – and use those to inform your retail strategies. Showing the human side of your brand goes a long way.

The environment is one such example of community mindedness that customers are looking for no matter the product or service. Demonstrating a concern for the environment shows that your brand is socially conscious and socially responsible. Doing what you can for the environment creates an emotional connection that draws consumers in and helps boost brand loyalty.

Paying attention to customer service remains one of the most important elements of building and maintaining brand loyalty. Customers – whether in-store or online – are always looking for excellent customer service. They want to know that their needs are being met. Ensuring your product is in stock and that retailers’ employees are knowledgeable about your products are both crucial in-store. Responding to customer feedback and keeping things aligned online are crucial for ecommerce.

Retail merchandising and brand ambassadors are a great way to boost brand loyalty in-person. Both in-store during new product launches or out at events, brand ambassadors can create that human link to your brand and get people engaged with your products. Such influence also translates well online.

If you’re looking to boost brand loyalty, there are countless tips and tricks out there – but sometimes keeping it simple is best. These all offer big bang for your buck – all of them can have a major impact when deployed in the right ways.

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