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Customer Service TipsIn the CPG industry, especially with the rise of e-commerce and mobile shopping, customer service and providing the best possible customer experience has become paramount. Yet the solution continues to elude many of us dealing with the multitude of other daily tasks that comes with running the business.

From time to time we like to share interesting articles we find, and this week we found a great one from Canadian Grocer that can help you simplify yet achieve that often challenging task of providing great customer service. The article, “How to be Great at Customer Service,” gives some great customer service tips that you can actually take to the bank!

According to the article, these are the four key elements required to achieving great customer service!

  • Listen – Ask for feedback and listen to concerns and comments.
  • Identify – Show customers that products and services are more than that – identify your targets and make connections.
  • Help – Don’t promise great service only to fall short on delivery.
  • Take the extra step – Provide more than expected.

So how can you easily accomplish these tasks without a major change in overall strategy? It might mean something as simple as extra people support around the holidays or high peak times or creating a better connection with your customer, but whatever the solution, ensuring these four elements are followed can mean big year-end gains. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Check out the full article here:

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