Customer Engagement: A Guide to Slowing Down the Shopper

Customer EngagementA new wave of experiential retailing is getting a lot of attention lately. Slow shopping, or the concept of slowing a shopper down, is gaining popularity in the retail world thanks to its ability to significantly increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. This week we look at this trend and discuss the basics and why it is considered beneficial to retailers.

Slow shopping is characterized by a movement to tone down the ‘spend right now’ approach in favour of a more leisurely and enriching experience. It sees shoppers taking their time in store, through a variety of means.

A recent Wall Street Journal took a look at what some retailers are doing to slow shoppers down, stating “the core of slow shopping is to make it interesting and engaging, versus online shopping, which is quick and easy.” They found cosmetics retailers giving free facials, luxury retailers offering everything from a library to bakeries and cafes, trendy clothiers offering rock concerts and even grocery chains getting in on the action with areas for customers to clip their own herbs.

Why bother? This sounds like a lot more work on your behalf, so is there a good reason to implement such changes? A recent study by the Fashion Institute of Technology found that “High touch in an environment that purposefully evokes relaxation and discovery creates a small degree of escapism, which will create a positive affinity with the brand, ultimately driving loyalty.”

The results are positive for the retailer and the shopper. For the shopper, slow shopping allows for a break, slowing life down and enjoying it, even if just for a short period of time. For the retailer, the results are much more tangible. Slowing down the shopping experience provides more – a better chance for customer engagement, and a higher likelihood for customer loyalty.

Additionally, it is common knowledge in the retail industry that the longer a customer spends in store, the more money they will spend. How, then, could the idea of slowing a shopper down ever be considered a bad idea profit-wise?

If you decide to take advantage of the slow shopping trend, just be sure that you don’t change everything to meet the needs of this group. You will still need to accommodate the shopper who is looking for a quick trip – some people won’t want to slow things down, and if your store can’t meet their needs too they’ll head to one that can.

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