Customer Service Dilemma – Are Your Customers Abandoning You?

Customer ServiceWe all know how important customer service is in the retail world; often customer purchases, and more importantly customer loyalty, hinge on the level of service someone receives. If you provide customers with what they want, they have no reason not to return, but if you can’t serve them, and serve them well, what is stopping them from heading to a competitor?

Check out this great infographic from “The Skyscraping Cost of Bad Customer Service” We all know that customer service is important – but what is the real cost of bad customer service?

The true value of great customer service cannot be overstated. According to the infographic, businesses in the U.S. lose over $80 billion every year thanks to abandoned purchases and defections to the competition as a result of poor customer service. That is huge!

Some interesting and thought provoking findings:

  • 89% of customers who receive poor service will abandon your brand for the competition
  • 64% of customers say service is more important than price when it comes to brand loyalty
  • 55% of customers would pay more to guarantee great service
  • 64% of customers said that a company’s customer service reputation is very important

So what are you doing to ensure your levels of customer service are high enough to encourage loyalty and keep people coming back? How do you handle customer service both in store and online? Are your customers receiving the level of service you want, and if not, how can this be remedied?

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