Customer Service Insight: The Role and Perception of Customer Feedback

In the retail world, customer service is an issue that far too often plagues retailers. It can often be difficult to successfully manage customer service levels to ensure high satisfaction 100% of the time. With so many different factors impacting how a customer feels when they leave your store, even the best customer service sometimes misses the mark.

Customer feedback is one of those nebulous entities that many companies use to honestly gauge customer service levels, and to see areas of improvement. However, others ‘use’ it to give the perception that the company is concerned. And no matter how the feedback is used, that perception plays a major role in overall satisfaction.

Check out this infographic from Empathica Inc. The information contained within it, based on a study of the customer service experience and customer feedback, shows some startling things quite clearly.

customer service

Important point: The survey found that 85% of respondents have provided feedback to retailers in the past, but only 46% believed it was ever used to improve the customer experience. Sure, we understand that, even when that feedback is taken into consideration and changes are made, that these changes may not be blatantly evident. But what about those little changes that customers expect but don’t ever see, thus leading to the low percentage of people who believe that feedback is actually used?

Even more pertinent is the fact that social media presences have become the go-to places to air customer service grievances, and so taking note of any feedback, replying, or making changes becomes even more crucial. With a wide viewing audience and the ability to easily influence buying behaviour, when it comes to customer service, social media shouldn’t be ignored.

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