Dealing with Problem Products: Emergency Retail Services

Maximum efficiency = minimum impact. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a problem. When things are running smoothly and you’re not dealing with any hiccups, you can focus on all the things that require your attention. However, when something falls off the rails, quick-thinking and immediate action can take valuable time and resources away from where they matter.

For example, if you’re dealing with a case of a product being shipped to stores with incorrect labels, holiday items being sent with language issues, or SKUs still scannable in bundled packages, therefore scanning the incorrect price at cash, you could be looking at a major headache. The same is true in any case of products recalls, whether voluntary or not.

When this happens, the typical course of action requires the total removal of your product from store shelves, having the product shipped back to the warehouse for correction, then the reshipping of the accurate product back to the store and restocked. This equates to time spent without product on the shelves (lost sales) and high costs to ensure it is done quickly.

Perhaps there is another option to consider. In instances where the fix is a quick one – labeling concerns for example – why spend money and time shipping the entire batch back to the warehouse? If there is nothing wrong with the product, and it is just the label that requires attention, why not have someone go directly to the store to fix the issue on location? This is not only far more economical (no shipping is required), it is also going to mean far less time without product on the shelf.

Product recalls can be a major pain, and if they are not managed properly the results can be disastrous. Make sure that you work to maintain a positive brand image and keep costs associated with these unfortunate issues at a minimum.

At Marketsupport we’re adept at emergency retail services. Whether you’re facing a massive product recall or a minor packaging problem, we can get the issue sorted fast. Don’t let a problem product cut into your bottom line. Call us today at 1-877-421-5081.

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