Generational Trends in Retail – Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

When it comes to your marketing, how much do you really know about your customers? Do you know what a millennial wants versus what a baby boomer wants? What influences their spending and where are they getting their information? When it comes to generational trends in retail, the generation gap can be quite treacherous to navigate if you’re not careful, and targeting one group in favour of another can leave you vulnerable to the competition.

We came across this great infographic from Nextopia recently that we thought we’d share. How are millennials and baby boomers finding out about your products? Many are heading online. Others are relying on your employees. Check it out to find out more.

When it comes to generational trends in retail, you can never have too much information. Having a rock- solid merchandising strategy that speaks to the various age groups doesn’t hurt either. We can help with that. Call Marketsupport today at 1 877 421 5081.

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