Ready for the Holidays Series: Creating Irresistible Product Displays

During the holiday retail sales season, you want your merchandise to be as prominent as possible. After all, the holiday rush is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. To take advantage of that, you need eye-catching product displays.

  1. Tell a Story

Theme your displays to suit your needs. It doesn’t have to be red and green or full of reindeer. It could just be related to the season. For instance, a grocery store could use the theme of The Nutcracker in a display of nut products.

A shoe store could stack boxes together in the shape of a tree.

A hardware manufacturer could set up a holiday decoration display so shoppers can picture the item in their own home.

  1. Think of the Buyer

Even if you have products that aren’t inherently holiday-themed, there may still be a display opportunity. Do you have a unique item that would make a great gift? Shoppers are always looking for present ideas, so help them out. Pair together commonly purchased items or even create gift baskets that complement each other — for example, a book, scented candle, and bubble bath, or popcorn and a movie.

  1. Think About Sale Signage

Some potential ideas:

  • Offer one big bargain per day.
  • Make it a discount, rather than a giveaway.
  • Make the discount worthwhile.

Make the signage clear and compelling. And be sure to advertise the deals online as well as in-store.

  1. Carry Displays Through the Store

Product displays should continue through the whole store, from the front door to the checkout line. Think about what items can be placed where for maximum impact. At the point-of-purchase display, smaller necessities that are easily overlooked (extra batteries, bulb hooks, tape, etc.) can be displayed. Big-ticket items are often good near the front of the store.

Consider the flow-through and where your products will have the biggest affect.

  1. Maintain Regular Stocking

Stock levels can decrease quickly during the holiday season, especially around major sale days like Black Friday. Keep a close eye on levels and make sure there is enough inventory for the busy times.

  1. Don’t Rely on the Retailer for Set Up

Unfortunately, with the holiday rush manufacturers need to take responsibility for making sure product displays are set up how they want. Many retailers are time-crunched and short-staffed, making it easy for your display to get overlooked or for a crucial element to be left out.

Aim to visit your 100 top-selling retail locations and verify that your product displays are laid out appropriately. At the same time, you can verify that your products are stocked, prices are accurate, and other custom needs are being met.

Whether you want to create more eye-catching product displays or verify existing ones are in place, Marketsupport Canada can help. Our experienced retail team can give you planogram and product display tips. We also have national reach and can visit stores across Canada to quickly and accurately assess your brand’s merchandising.

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