In The News: StatsCan on Retail Trade

Late last month StatsCan released their numbers for December 2014, and they were not great. According to the report, “Retail sales fell 2.0% to $42.1 billion in December. This was the largest decline since April 2010.” This isn’t so startling when gas is removed from the equation – that brings the number to 1. 3%, but it is still a fair drop, especially since holiday shopping should have kept numbers at least what they were for the previous month.

Here is a graph displaying the growth and subsequent decline of sales – December’s drop is undeniably drastic.

statsFollowing gains in the fall, sales at food and beverage stores declined 0.5% in November. The decrease was largely attributed to lower sales at supermarkets and other grocery stores (-0.4%) and beer, wine and liquor stores (-1.0%). This was tempered by an increase in December: up 1% at food and beverage stores, 4% at beer, wine and liquor stores, and 3.1% at specialty food stores.

Retail sales in the clothing and accessories, electronics and appliances, and the sporting goods sectors also saw a drop, a hard fact to swallow considering holiday sales should have been up, at least in these sectors.

Ontario wasn’t alone either; retail sales were down in every province for the month of December, although Ontario did the see the largest drop (-2.3%) dollar wise.

We are hoping that these sales are not a sign of what is to come – but if they are, you need to be ready. Getting a leg up on the competition means a number of different things, whether you are a brand or a retailer – but keeping up brand loyalty and ensuring a positive customer experience are two important places to start. These two things go hand-in-hand with your merchandising strategy and your people support.

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You can review the full StatsCan report for December 2015 here:

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