Managing Store Openings and Closures

Target has been in the news a lot lately with regard to their new store openings. These ventures have caused a stir among both big box stores and smaller retailers with regard to the impact that Target will have on their sales. But what if you are a retailer planning a new store opening? Just because retail giants like Target get massive amounts of attention and conduct store openings on a massive scale does not mean that your store opening won’t be as effective.

Managing store openings can be a huge undertaking, and as such require a high degree of effort. Especially for smaller retailers or those moving away from the big box models, managing store openings effectively means organization and administration, among a variety of other things.

A merchandising company experienced with managing store openings is a great resource to have on your side. The support that can come with this relationship can mean huge gains when starting up. What kind of support are we talking about? There are a number of things that can be handled externally, all in consultation with you and managed according to your own unique expectations.

People-support. Whether you have not hired a staff, or if you need extra staff to assist with your store opening, a merchandising company can provide you with trained, experienced, professional staff members on a short term basis. This way you don’t have to worry about employee turn around or having to hire on short notice. Having a strong team right out of the gate helps to ensure great customer service and build a strong reputation.

A great way to attract attention during a store opening is with experiential marketing. Things like product demonstrations or taste tests, especially when coupled with promotions, are great ways to engage customers. Drawing customers in can make all the difference when managing store openings and a merchandising company well-versed in the experiential marketing field can ensure that your campaign is handled correctly and effectively.

Managing a store closing can also be a major enterprise. If you are planning on closing your doors, whatever the reason, working with a merchandising company can help the process go far more smoothly.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and managing store openings is not a process that happens in a day either. Don’t try and do it on your own. Whether you are planning on an opening or a closing, consider working with a merchandising company to relieve stress and help you carry out the endeavour without a hitch.

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