Online Shopping Vs. Bricks and Mortar, Some Interesting Insight

Online Shopping Vs. Bricks and MortarOver the last few months, we have talked a great deal about the impact of online shopping and the trend towards downsizing retail locations in exchange for a greater online presence. It is no secret that the convenience offered by online shopping has become a major influencer when it comes to consumer purchasing behaviour – but maybe we’ve gotten a bit ahead of ourselves in assuming that bricks and mortar downsizing is the way of the future!

Check out this recent article from the L.A. Times. According to the article, assuming that most companies are moving more towards an online-only existence is incorrect: “After years of squeezing traditional retailers, e-commerce companies that were once digital-only are seeing the value of hanging up shingles in malls and bustling shopping streets.”

Apparently many retailers are beginning to recognize the desires of different types of shoppers, and are acknowledging the fact that many shoppers don’t actually want to make all of their purchases at the click of a mouse. The sensory aspect of shopping in a bricks and mortar location is undeniably attractive to many consumers – and obviously something that can’t be found online.

Although this is more significant for retail locations, it does has some important implications for the consumer packaged goods industry. The assumption has been that in the near future online grocery shopping will finally make a major move into the online world – but perhaps too much so. If this article is any indication of the way things are moving, continuing to ensure great service and customer loyalty will remain as important as ever.

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