Out with the Old? Is Traditional Retail Marketing Outdated?

retail marketingWith the continued rise of online shopping, and the looming threat that is frequently spoken about, it can be easy to dismiss those traditional retail marketing tactics as a throwback to a less-digital age. Letting traditional methods fall to the wayside has become a means for some retailers – but is it the right one? We don’t think so.

Yes, consumer behaviour has changed a great deal over the past few years, and now far more factors influence that end sale – but that doesn’t mean that those tried, tested and true methods are no longer valid.

A few weeks ago we looked specifically at brand loyalty and how online versus bricks and mortar is impacting this concept. We hate to be repetitive, but the numbers tend to speak for themselves. In a recent study done by eMarketer, over 70% respondents stated that they felt the traditional bricks and mortar experience was preferable to online. Things like customer service and immediate possession play a major role in this.

What other traditional retail marketing is influential? There are various forms of retail merchandising that can be implemented when it comes to traditional tactics.

Experiential marketing: this has long been a method that has shown real results – and for good reason. Setting up a campaign that gets people talking and trying your product is a great way to catch their attention.  Pairing like items together can help boost sales and can also help enhance brand loyalty and recognition.

Planograms and displays: there is a great deal to be said about these two, very popular, forms of retail marketing. Even just the simple fact that, when customers see a well-executed planogram or display, the interest increases tenfold, should be enough to convince you to continue with these.

Retail intelligence: an often overlooked but incredibly important part of your retail marketing is knowing what is going on, on the store floor – and making changes to those things that require improvement. This form of traditional marketing is critical to stay informed about how your brand is performing, how retailers react, and the level of service provided.

Omni-channel marketing: this is the newest strategy for retail marketing, and it speaks to just how important traditional methods remain. That being said, the concept itself means integrating both new and traditional methods to establish a cooperating campaign that takes advantage of the various strategies that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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