People Support During Busy Back-to-School Season: Merchandising Companies Have You Covered

Back To School ShoppingRetailers get ready! September is almost upon us and with it comes the back-to-school shopping blitz. Children heading back to the classroom all need the newest duds and gadgets so make sure that they are coming to you for them, and leaving your store satisfied.

During the back-to-school craze, retail merchandising is crucial, and you need to be ready. Having sales clearly marked and shelves stocked is important, but these are not the only things that will make this shopping season profitable.

One of the hardest things for retailers with regard to back-to-school shopping is the crowds. As soon as the calendar hits August, most parents get their lists together and head out to prep for September. This requires a delicate balance for retailers. You need to make sure that you have enough people on the floor to cover this extra volume, both in departments to offer assistance, at the cash registers to prevent long line-ups, and in the stock room making sure that shelves and racks do not go empty, leading to lost sales. That being said, you don’t want to have to go through the process of hiring a new group of temporary employees just to cover this one month. And even though you may not be planning on retaining these employees after back-to-school shopping is over, they still need to be trained – and training costs time and money.

A retail merchandising company that offers people support is the best way to handle this demand. Instead of having to go through the entire hiring and training process, a merchandising company can provide you with experienced, professional, well-trained individuals to fill any positions necessary: cashiers, sales associates, floor staff, or employees to stock. This takes care of all of the hiring costs and training resources that you would need to spend to do it on your own. Additionally, since these employees are contracted on a temporary basis, once their assistance and support is no longer needed you don’t have to go through the messy and costly process of letting them go.

Don’t wait until the week before to devise a plan for back-to-school shopping, after all most stores have had ads promoting sales out for weeks already, and it is only July! Get going on your back-to-school shopping retail plan now to ensure that it is implemented correctly thus achieving the biggest returns. Don’t get lost in the shuffle; make sure that you have enough people, and the right people there to support you.

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