People Support: Top 5 Reasons to Hire 3rd Party Retail Employees

people supportAll of us in the retail world have struggled with it at one time or another; the decision to outsource people support is debated heavily in the retail industry, and many retailers have asked us why they should even bother…so, why should you even bother? Is hiring 3rd party retail employees worth it?

As an answer, here are our top five reasons to hire 3rd party retail employees. Consider each one, and we are confident that the answer will be pretty clear.

– Time.
o In house: When you add up all of the time spent placing an ad, interviewing, then training new employees, these hours can really start to climb. And it isn’t just that employee’s time (which of course you have to pay for), it is HR time as well.
o Outsourced: You can pretty much turn back the clock when you outsource – as employees are already vetted and trained when they show up for work.

– Resources.
o In house: This is along the same lines as time, especially when you consider your employees a valuable resource. Any of the materials needed, including training resources and uniforms, require reusing (or repurposing or repurchasing) with every new hire.
o Outsourced: These resources are significantly minimized when the employee is brought in by a third party.

– Cost.
o In house: The above time and resources cost money. After all, you can’t train an employee for free.
o Outsourced: Again, costs are significantly reduced when everything is already done.

– Service.
o In house: When you hire a new employee, even if the interview is a smashing success, you can never truly gauge an individual’s commitment to service until they are on the store floor and interacting with customers. If it isn’t on par with your expectations, this may require additional training, or in a worst-case scenario, firing and hiring once again.
o Outsourced: When the third party can guarantee high levels of service, you don’t have to worry. With trained, experienced employees, you don’t have to worry about customers being dissatisfied or dealing with an under-performing new hire.

– Stress.
o In house: With hiring, stress is almost always a factor. This is doubled when you consider having to let someone go with restructuring changes or if hiring on a seasonal basis.
o Outsourced: Temporary employees from a third party do not incur this stress – the hiring and letting go is already handled by someone else!

When you are considering outsourcing your people support, whether for seasonal needs or short term solutions for rightsizing, these reasons to hire 3rd party retail employees might just help you decide.

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