Powerful In-Store Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

In-Store Marketing

One of the biggest hurdles for retailers is developing and maintaining a strong in-store marketing campaign. Taking the time to develop a smart in-store marketing strategy can be costly, especially if you have no prior experience. The time and resources needed to execute it can take away from other important aspects of your business (ex. staff). Instead of dealing with the worry of difficult in-store marketing, let a retail merchandising company help your harness its power easily and effectively.

How can a retail merchandising company help you overcome this challenge? In a number of ways. The role of a retail merchandising company is to help you get a plan in place, no matter what that is, and execute it.

Planogram set-up and signage: if planograms or signage is a part of your in-store marketing, a retail merchandising company can bring in the people to set it up, according to your exact specifications, ensuring that product is correctly labeled and displaced properly. Coupons are included here – in order for them to be profitable they need to be located in the correct space. Signage location should also be considered strategically, and making use of the experience of a retail merchandising company can help alleviate some of the pressure.

Experiential marketing and promotional events: although in-store signage and displays are a major part of any campaign, experiential marketing and promotional events should be as well. Whether you are highlighting a new product or promoting an old one, an experiential marketing campaign is an effective way to achieve this. But it can’t just be thrown together. A retail merchandising company that specializes in experiential marketing can work with you to develop a smart and engaging event that hits all of your targets, as well as provide you with the individuals with the skills and talents to make the event a success.

Remember that any successful in-store marketing campaign can’t remain static. Keeping things up-to-date is all part of the process, and if you fail to keep things current the plan will lose its luster. Make sure that you are constantly updating your strategy to make use of the power of in-store marketing. Again, rely on a retail merchandising company to accomplish this for you.

A professional retail merchandising company that can offer you a hands-free solution to your in-store merchandising woes is the best way to ensure a high level of engagement and customer experience. Don’t stress about it – let someone else take over and make sure that everything is done the way that it should be.

For more information about in-store marketing and the benefits of employing the services of a retail merchandising company, please contact Marketsupport today by calling 1-877-421-5081.

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