Preparing Your Easter In-Store Merchandising

With Valentine’s Day wrapping up for 2018, we’re turning our attention to the next seasonal promotions many retailers will be focusing on: Easter.

This year, Easter Sunday is early, landing on April 1, giving retailers about a month and a half of promotional time from Valentine’s. We’ve compiled our best tips for setting up your Easter in-store merchandising and POP displays. So, take out your bunnies and chicks and prepare to get festive.

  1. Group your Easter-specific content

This may seem obvious, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it. If you have Easter-specific merchandise, keeping it together will make it easier for your customers to shop. And keep it in a space that’s front and centre in your store, where your customers will be sure to walk by. You likely already have a similar set up from your Valentine’s Day displays, so take advantage of that space to house your Easter merchandise.

  1. Think in baskets

What do people shop for at Easter time? Easter is less about the big-ticket items and more about the smaller ones: Easter baskets. Chocolate, candies, stuffed animals, and smaller trinkets can all be popular items — not to mention the baskets to house them in. Think about Easter baskets when planning your in-store merchandising. Why not set up a few model baskets to serve as inspiration for your customers?

  1. Create a fun window displays

Easter promotions are all about bunny rabbits, baby chicks, bright pastels, candy, and decorated eggs — the perfect recipe for a great window display. Draw customers in from the street by setting your retailer up as a one-stop Easter shop.

  1. Incorporate spring

The great thing about Easter is that it generally signifies the start of spring. Especially this year, falling on April 1, there can be plenty of spring tie-ins. Flowers, gardening tools, and seed packets can all be part of the Easter hype.

  1. Salivate over chocolate

It seems most holidays are an excuse to eat chocolate and Easter is no different. Make sure your chocolate merchandise is front and centre and accessible for your customers. As with baskets, putting chocolate near other Easter-related merchandise can also draw those with a sweet tooth to your other wares. Consider, too, setting up smaller Easter chocolate POP displays.

  1. Plan out Easter dinner

Whether you’re a food retailer or sell some food-related merchandise, in addition to setting up Easter egg hunts and baskets, most Canadians who celebrate Easter likely also cook an Easter dinner. Ham is typically the meal du jour, but even if you don’t sell meat, consider featuring flavours that would complement at Easter dinner. Easter-themed napkins, table settings, vases, decorations, and the like can all be popular.

Throughout the month-and-a-half of Easter promo time, make sure to switch up your Easter displays from time to time. Updating your promotional displays can be the difference between a customer coming into your store and walking on by.

Taking advantage of seasonal promotions and in-store merchandising can influence consumer buying behaviour. These last-minute buys can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Marketsupport Canada can help make sure you’re prepared. We’ve got the experience with creating mass displays that attract attention and increase your sales. Learn more by calling us at 1-877-421-5081 or visiting

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