Retail Change-outs: Retail Merchandising Tips for Spring

Retail Merchandising smIt is that time of year again; time to focus on changing things up instore. With spring season almost upon us, highlighting those products that fit the season’s wants and needs is one of the best ways to boost sales – that only makes sense. To help, we’ve got some retail merchandising tips to help you with your spring change-out.

Retail merchandising tips:

  1. Change your displays regularly. Ok, since we’re talking about retail change-outs, this tip is pretty self-explanatory, and not really anything new. You’re probably already planning that display change. Some tips here include grouping like items, creating themed displays, and making the most of promotional items by highlighting them.
  2. Show off the wants. When it comes to creating a display, don’t just focus on what the customer needs – they are already coming in to purchase that. Show them what they want and up the sales!
  3. Start at the door. Don’t just set up a few displays throughout the store. Go big with displays just as the customer walks in. This gets them thinking about add-ons the minute they walk through the door.
  4. Make sure everything is tagged and priced properly. No one wants to have to ask how much something is – this can impact a customer’s buying behaviour.
  5. Move things around. Once new stock arrives, change up some of those displays to keep things looking fresh and new, all the time – even if the displays are just rearranged and new stock is added to spice things up.
  6. Make sure that, no matter the display, the store always feels clean and fresh, not cluttered.
  7. Signage is important too. Draw in customers with catchy and thought-provoking slogans or statements – and bring in the spring theme to get people thinking.
  8. If possible, encourage interaction. Giving customers the chance to interact with products creates a bond, very quickly. Once a customer shows interest, and engages with a design, their decision to purchase is enhanced.
  9. Consider an experiential marketing campaign to bring notice to new items. Just as with engagement, giving customers the opportunity to taste or test certain products can really give your sales a boost.
  10. Get help! A retail merchandising company can help you carry out a stellar strategy to get customers buying this spring!

Retail merchandising takes some work, and the perfect plan can really encourage purchasing behaviour and give customers the motivation to buy, especially those wants in addition to the needs! The results will speak for themselves.

Want more retail merchandising tips or help setting up a campaign? Call Marketsupport today at 1-877-421-5081.

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