Retail Industry Trends to Take to The Bank: Omni-Channel Marketing

omni channel marketingRetail marketing has garnered a lot of attention over the last few years, especially with the increasing competition coming from online sales. This has led many to question whether traditional retail marketing tactics still work – and we argue that they most definitely do – but we have also started seriously considering a new trend in the marketing world: omni-channel marketing.

What is omni-channel marketing? Essentially, this form of multi-channel retailing involves the use of multiple marketing mediums, not just one traditional form. For example, bricks and mortar locations using omni-channel marketing will employ not just traditional forms of marketing such as a flyer or radio ad, but online channels as well, such as a well-managed website and social media.

The goal of omni-channel marketing is to both keep the consumer well-informed and to garner more attention. Having only one marketing strategy can actually mean missing those who use other means for accessing information, thereby meaning missed opportunities for sales. This approach means creating a seamless experience for consumers, making information gathering AND shopping easier and more satisfying.

Want an example of omni-channel marketing and how it is working? Check out this great article from British newspaper The Guardian: The article takes a look at 5 impressive and effective marketing campaigns that have taken advantage of omni-channel marketing and used it to its fullest potential.

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