Retail Management: Investing in People Support to Lower Costs

Retail ManagementIt is no secret that, in the retail management world, the pool of potential employees is vast, but sometimes does not yield the type of output that your company needs. This often results in high turnover rates, and thus money lost due to the process of hiring and onboarding.

How much are you actually spending? What are your employee turnover rates? The following three areas can mean big bucks when it comes to people support to keep your location running smoothly. And this is especially true when it comes to temporary or short-term hires (think seasonal employees).

Hiring. Whether you advertise the open position with a sign on the storefront window, on your website, or through a job site, there are always eventual costs associated with hiring. Sifting through a stack of resumes to find potential candidates takes time, as does the interview process, and the time it takes to conduct reference checks and fill out paperwork – this is inevitable.

Training. Once you have decided on a new employee, this is when the costs can really start to add up. Onboarding, if done correctly, can be incredibly costly. The time it takes (and the money that is spent paying for that time) to train the employee properly, to ensure that they understand and can adhere to your high standards, isn’t negligible. Maybe you hold orientation sessions to make them feel comfortable and introduce them to the company’s core values, or perhaps you have them shadow another employee for a period of time. Whatever your methods, the training period is one that can’t be avoided. After all, if you skimp on the training, you are the one who will ultimately suffer.

Firing. What about when that employee, or any other employee, doesn’t seem to work out. Do you try to save time and money by keeping them on and attempting to fix the issue, or do you cut your losses and let that employee go, thereby leading to the repetition of the entire process once again? Or, in the case of seasonal employees, you’ve just got to let them go when you know you’ll have to try again come the next seasonal rush.

Ok, great – so we’ve outlined all of the issues that are inherent in retail management – and for the most part they can’t really be avoided. So what are your options? Well, when it comes to people support, especially during peak times that necessitate hiring waves or potential short term hires, why not take a step back and rely on a company that can offer trained, professional, experienced replacements to cover whatever areas require the attention, on short notice, and just for the period required. This means no hiring, no onboarding, and no eventual firing. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? We thought so. So, when you are in a lurch, maybe think about how not hiring can actually get you the best employee out there.

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