Retail Merchandising “Down” Your Business

Retail-MerchandisingTarget Corp. has been in the news a great deal recently and retailers across Canada are modifying their retail plans as a result of the influx of new stores that are being opened. Although Target, as a big box store, does present some stiff competition, many previous big box retailers are moving in a different direction down.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail, Goodbye, big box? — speaks to the issue of how this competition has led to a realignment of big box thinking, sending current retailers on a new course to keep up. One of Canada’s largest providers of automotive parts and home products, formerly focused exclusively on doing things “big”, is making plans to “downsize” in an effort to see sales increase. Focusing more on the retail merchandising factor plays a big role here.

How is this retail merchandising downsizing going to help? Well, in an effort to ramp up customer service, it actually makes a lot of sense. More mature consumers don’t want to spend as much time walking up and down isles, and so a smaller store will allow them to get their shopping done faster. It also allows for higher customer service levels, something that is crucial with this generation. Brand loyalty suffers when a customer feels unsatisfied with a retailer’s service, and so giving more to the consumer means higher levels of brand loyalty.

Retail merchandising in this situation is also key in order to retain those customers that tend to turn to online shopping. The younger generations, millennials for example, are often tempted by the lure of online shopping, so a strong retail merchandising plan will help you retain their business with things like experiential marketing.

If you are thinking about traveling the same route as those big box stores, you have to make sure that you have a strong retail merchandising plan in place to ensure that customer service does not suffer as a result.

People support: Many stores are keeping their big box locations as temporary inventory spaces, and a retail merchandising company can provide the personnel required to staff each location. Well-trained, professional employees, available on short notice and a temporary basis, can mean the difference between customers leaving happy and planning to return and leaving unsatisfied and shifting their loyalties.

Planogram set-up: A retail merchandising company can also set-up, tag and price, and install any signage in the new location. This ensures planogram compliance.

Store closures: If you are closing a store and sections of the store are being closed as inventory is sold, let a retail merchandising company assist in rearranging the store so that it is still shopper friendly. This way your employees can remain focused on providing excellent customer service at a time when it is crucial, and a retail merchandising company can make sure that customers can still find what they need.

If you are planning to downsize in the future, don’t ignore the importance of retail merchandising in these scenarios. For more information about how retail merchandising can ensure your customers don’t feel pressure to switch please contact Marketsupport by calling 1-877-421-5081 or visit

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