Retail Merchandising Top 5 List for Simple Success

Retail MerchandisingAs a retailer, retail merchandising is one of the most critical factors in the success of your brand. How you merchandise in store plays a major role in the customer perception of your brand, and can seriously impact consumer behaviour. When done correctly, retail merchandising can mean a big boost for your bottom line, but if the potential is ignored, the adverse is often the result.

With this in mind, here is our list of the top 5 simple solutions that can have huge impacts.

  1. Minimize sale signs. If you have sale signs all over the store, the effect can often be the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. If sale signs are plastered everywhere, shoppers can become desensitized and the power of a sale can get lost in the shuffle. And, if you seem to have sale signs up all over the place, all of the time, one is inevitably going to start to question whether they are actually getting a deal.
  2. Create space. If a customer can’t move freely through the aisles because of oversized displays or signage, the result may be a shifting of loyalty. Make sure that stands are always out of the way, but still visible, to ensure that carts can make their way through the isle without issue.
  3. Coordinate colour. Over the last few years the power of colour has really started to receive some much overdue attention – and for good reason. The psychology of colour can play a big part in consumer behaviour, so just thinking about what looks good on the display, rather than the science behind it, may not get you the results you want.
  4. Take advantage of the season. Many of you likely already do this – but to what extent, and how often? We are not just talking about the major seasonal periods (Christmas, back to school), but even the lesser ones. Any time you can pull on those heartstrings, create interest, or just get people thinking is great. Create displays that catch the attention of shoppers and draw them in.
  5. Keep things changing on a regular basis. Keeping customers’ attention with creative and innovative signage and displays takes work, and sometimes it is easy to just continue with the same visual retail merchandising for a period of time. However, if a customer sees the same stagnant signs/displays week after week, those signs/displays severely lose their power. If things are not fresh and new, people will eventually come to ignore them.

Retail merchandising does take work, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to create interest, encourage purchasing decisions and keep customers coming back. Use these tips to ensure that your merchandising garners the attention that you want.

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