Retail Trends 2014: Toronto Star Provides Outlook

Retail Trends 2014Keeping up with retail trends is just one part of the pie when it comes to keeping up with the goings-on in the retail industry. No matter the sector you currently reside in, changes can come quickly and have major impacts – and so maintaining a strong hold on those changes is crucial in order to keep a leg up on the competition.

A recent article from the Toronto Star shed some important light on the current retail trends 2014 has seen thus far. “November is the New December in Canadian Retail” illustrates just how much Black Friday has impacted the Canadian market. According to the article, in an attempt to contend with the continuously popular trend to shop south of the border, Canadian retailers are fighting back, offering more deals to try and stem the steady flow of traffic to the U.S.

Additionally, the article speaks to the most recent reports regarding sales thus far in 2014, highlighting the fact that sales were steady in January and February – never a bad omen for the things to come.

So, knowing that November is likely to bring with it a surge in sales as a result of these changes, what can you do to deal? The best plan is to have a plan. Getting things ready now rather than getting slaughtered at the first sign of attacking shopper-hordes is not only smart, it is also essential in maintaining brand loyalty and keeping the competition in check.

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