Retail Trends: A New Way to Sell Groceries

Retail TrendsWe came across a really interesting article the other day and thought we’d share it with you. Canadian Grocer’sJust Driving Through: A New Way to Sell Groceries?” looks at the rise of the ‘click and collect’ drive-through supermarket – a location where online shoppers can make their purchases and then just drive to a kiosk and pick them all up.

It is common knowledge that online shopping has not impacted the CPG industry the same way it has other retailers – it seems that shoppers just are not as keen to make those food purchase online the same way they would books or clothing. However, as the article suggests, the drive-through shopping experience may be on the up and up as a result of the growth of online shopping. It has really remained an emerging trend only in Europe and the US, but the article mentions that it may be in Canada sooner rather than later.

So is the drive-through grocery the way of the future, something we need to worry about in the short term? Probably only to a certain extent, but it does highlight the need to expand and rethink our retail strategies in order to ensure the latest retail trends are given the serious consideration each one merits. That being said, things like excellent customer service, effective visual merchandising, and strategic retail marketing need to remain key elements of your plan for success.

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