Social Customer Service – Building Loyalty One Click at a Time

In any retail environment, good customer service is the key ingredient in the recipe for success. Providing customers with a positive experience in store is crucial in building loyalty and keeping it. Fully stocked shelves, reasonable line ups, and knowledgeable staff – these are all things that go into providing that service that stands out.

However, customer service in store is no longer the only service you need to worry about. Social customer service – or the service you provide in the online social sphere – has become as important as the service you provide offline.

Want to know how and why it is so important in building loyalty? Check out this great infographic from The Drum:

customer service, building loyalty

According to the infographic, “by leveraging social engagement, you can build brand loyalty and turn users into advocates,” and we wholeheartedly agree!

Here are some stats from the infographic that may just make you rethink your social customer service strategy:

  • 33% of customers would rather contact a company through social media/online than over the phone.
  • Over half of all social media users will engage with a brand several times a month, and 9% will engage daily!
  • 42% of Twitter users expect a response to an inquiry within one hour.
  • 70% of those helped through social media returned to shop in the future.
  • 71% of users who have a positive experience via social media will recommend that company.

Think about it this way, if you have the chance to right a wrong online, why not take it? Ignoring a negative review or not responding to a question via social media can mean lost sales, and not just from that one customer. On the other hand, responding quickly and solving a problem shows customers that you genuinely care about their business – a sure way on the road to building customer loyalty.

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