Target Baby Boomers 2.0 – How to Increase Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty in This Market Space

There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately with regard to the habits of millennials when compared to baby boomers. It is undeniable that generational trends dictate market trends, and so keeping up with change is critical. That being said, it is important not to alienate one generational group in exchange for another, and it is crucial to cater to all groups while recognizing that baby boomers continue to represent a large segment of shoppers who regularly visit bricks and mortar stores and continue to exhibit a higher level of brand loyalty when compared to younger generations.

By marketing to the baby boom generation properly, customer retention and brand loyalty can lead to increased profitability. But how?

Baby boomers are apt to exhibit brand loyalty – you just have to hold onto it. Baby boomers remain the most loyal generation, especially when it comes to CPG brands. A recent marketing study done by Jefferies and Alix Partners found that 61% of baby boomers said that brands were important in their purchasing decisions for groceries (compared to only 47% for millennials). Those products that baby boomers have continued to favour over the years are not disregarded easily, making customer retention and brand loyalty much easier with this generation.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that baby boomers are more likely to have higher expectations, so things like making sure that product is on the shelf, in the correct place, or that employees can provide assistance when necessary are all key factors in customer retention. A merchandising company can help with this by providing the support necessary to ensure that retailers conform to your expectations.

Furthermore, the study found that millennials are far more price sensitive than boomers, and less likely to buy the more expensive brands. 62% of millennial participants responded that they focused more on lower prices than brands, compared to 46% of baby boomers. Clearly those with the buying power are spending the money.

That doesn’t mean though that product demonstrations or promotions are not well received, they are. Baby boomers are willing to try a new product if the quality is there, and although it takes far more to get them to switch, these tactics can increase shifts in brand loyalty. They also represent a great customer retention opportunity when providing that added incentive to get them to continue purchasing your products.

The study’s results indicate just how important it is to continue marketing to baby boomers in order to retain their brand loyalty. Make sure that your merchandising plan attempts to reach all viable customers. A merchandising company might be just what you need to ensure that this plan considers all markets. Rely on a company that has the expertise necessary to meet your needs no matter what your target demographic is.

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