The Future of Retail: A Consumer Perspective

It is not news that things in retail have been changing, and continue to change, with the newest tech advances in the marketplace. For a few years now online shopping has made huge headway when it comes to retail trends, and the preferences of shoppers everywhere are beginning to shift. Consumers are no longer content to have just one avenue to conduct their shopping.

Check out this interesting infographic Business Insider which looks at the future of retail from a consumer perspective. It is based upon a global study, but much of the information contained within it is quite illustrative of the trends seen throughout individual nations.

Future of Retail

The Consumer Perspective:

– 60% of consumers want access to multiple retail channels (web, mobile, physical). This means that retailers should have various channels open and in use.

– Consumers want some recognition – 61% said they want online stores to keep track of their purchases to make things easier the second time around.

– 56% said they would spend more at bricks and mortar stores if they could browse through their merchandise online first – so make sure to have a website up that gives at least a taste of what you offer.

– 30% responded that they didn’t think most stores were ready for these trends yet. Are you?

To meet the growing needs of today’s consumers you have to be ready. As this infographic demonstrates, the expectations are there – be sure that you can meet them.

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