Too Soon? Your Back to School Retail Strategy

Retail StrategyWe know that it is only June, and with the school year just ending, most people are not even thinking about September and heading back to the classroom. But, when it comes to merchandising, even with summer displays out, you really need to be thinking ahead. Don’t leave your back-to-school retail strategy to the last minute.

Here are our top tips for ramping up your retail merchandising for August:

  • Create connections. A smart back-to-school retail strategy is one that creates connections, not only with your customer, but in the customer’s mind as far as product connections. Draw customers in by playing on their emotions (example: moms who care about healthy snacks or the idea of ‘brain food’).
  • Set up an experiential marketing campaign to get parents thinking about healthy snack and lunch options. Play on the desire to pack items that are both nutritious and fun, that kids will like. Parents want to know about the options they have for packing healthy food for their children, so give them ideas that lead to more sales.
  • Use sensory technology to create engagement. Displays that are interactive give customers the chance to find out about the nutritional benefits of certain products, or the advantages some products have. Having an interactive display gives them the chance to take in this information, while at the same time getting their attention in a way that static displays cannot.

When it comes time to implement those visual merchandising tactics, keep on top of customer service. Back to school shopping can wreak havoc on your shelves – make sure that you have the staff on hand to ensure that shelves remain well stocked and tidy. If customers can’t find what they are looking for, they can’t buy. Also, ensure that line-ups don’t get out of control – this can be hazardous to your customer loyalty levels, and thus your bottom line. Make sure that you have enough staff to handle peak periods and increased traffic.

People support should be a big part of your merchandising strategy. Ensuring that crowds don’t have an impact is critical. This year, instead of going through the process of hiring for temporary positions and having to train new employees, why not work with a company that can provide you with the staff at very short notice, individuals who are already trained, trustworthy, and experienced. That way, you save yourself the time and money!

For more about getting your retail strategy for the back-to-school shopping season in place please contact Marketsupport 1-877-421-5081.

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