Transformation of the Traditional Supermarket

Thanks to tech advances, the growth of ecommerce, even social media, the traditional supermarket has experienced (and is still experiencing) a major transformation. Grocers, looking to give customers more of what they want in the hopes of grabbing a greater share of the market, have adopted various strategies that have drastically changed what the average supermarket looks like.

What are customers looking for?

Convenience with online order and pick up. Some stores already offer this, and the number grows each month. Customers are gradually becoming less hesitant to grocery shop online and those stores who’ve adapted have noticed. The key here is ensuring your systems, both online and those that support you in-store, are working perfectly. While this endeavour does take serious consideration and forethought, the results can be very profitable.

Meal kits. Those shopping in-store want more. There was a trend for premade food, but that is quickly being overtaken by those looking to cook at home. Prepared meal kits, kits that let customers purchase in-store but cook at home at their leisure, meets this demand in a major way. It also allows you to create meal kits to cater to your current customer demographics and boost sales with multiple purchase options.

Sustainability. Those stores that show an environmentally friendly focus are far more likely to meet customers wants. Customers are looking for less ‘trash’ packaging and more ‘recyclable or compostable’ packaging. And this goes beyond what they buy – if your store presents itself as one that is ‘green’, you’re already a step ahead.

What does the future hold? Of course we can’t actually determine what is to come, but it’s probably safe to predict that further tech advances will probably result in even greater accessibility and delivery times, as well as the adoption of instant pay, where customers can fill their shopping bags as they shop and have those items tagged and paid for without the customer ever having to hit the checkout.

Whatever is to come, it is important to keep an eye on the changes and adapt wherever necessary. We’re not saying you need to replace your current employees with robots, but a few tech advances are not out of the question.

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