Visual Merchandising: Promotional Displays in High Impact Areas

visual merchandising

Visual merchandising has long been a tried and true strategy for garnering consumer attention and interest – and for good reason. Studies continue to show that mass merchants benefit significantly from promotional displays in high impact areas, and as a result, those Canadian retailers that strive to influence buyer behaviour through effective displays are the ones that see results. It is no secret that customers make many of their purchases based on their reactions to how they are displayed and promoted.

By displaying merchandise in a way that appeals to the consumer, making it not only accessible but also attractive, retailers can easily increase sales and improve profit margins. Taking advantage of strategies such as colour psychology (using colours to encourage and promote certain feelings) or using nostalgia through visual stories to illicit memories and pull on those heartstrings can be a great step in the right direction.

Staging is also really important. Placing a display in the right location, whether that be at the cash register or in an aisle where the product is normally stocked, can make the difference between sales and drops. And making sure that displays are well stocked, always, ensures that the work you did to develop such a display does not go to waste.

Important tips: never let displays become static. A lot of what comes from an impressive and thought-provoking visual merchandising display comes from its freshness. A new display will not be passed easily, whereas one that has remained stagnant, in the same spot, month after month, will likely not even get a second look. Make sure that you are constantly updating your promotional displays.

Also, try to keep a focus or theme evident. Grouping a large number of products together can mean a message is lost in the shuffle. In contrast, displaying one product or a small family of very similar products helps to keep that focus fixed, or can lead to multiple purchases.

If we go one further, seasonal displays can have a major impact on consumer buying behaviour. Taking advantage of the season can influence consumers to consider a purchase that perhaps may not have crossed their mind beforehand. These last minute buys can be huge when it comes to your bottom line.

For more about visual merchandising, especially during the busy holiday season, contact Marketsupport Canada today. We’ve got the experience with creating mass displays that attract attention and increase your sales. Please call us at 905.847.6513.

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