Visual Merchandising Trends to Boost Brand Recognition

As a subset of retail merchandising, effective visual merchandising is part art and part science. Innovative ideas are what really capture your customer’s attention, and the same old same old just isn’t going to cut it for 2017. Getting a bit fancy is the name of the game if you want to be successful, and this week we’re talking about the 2017 visual merchandising trends that can help you boost your brand recognition in a big way.

2017 visual merchandising trends to boost brand recognition

Let’s get digital. Technology has moved into the retail space in a big way. Digital signage is a great way to get customers to slow down in-store. Eye-catching graphics and well produced video footage go a long way towards drawing a customer in and building a connection. This can help modernize your brand image and keep it consistent. Interactive displays go a step further, encouraging your customers to get involved with your product.

Loving the environment. Your customers are more earth-conscious than ever before – well, most of them are. Draw on this with displays that are sustainable or speak to how your brand is earth conscious. Eco-friendly products have become huge over the last few years and if yours fit into this category you are well situated to take advantage. If they don’t, your visual merchandising can still stand out by promoting your brand in an eco-friendly way.

Don’t shy away from colour. In fact, we urge you to get creative when it comes to colour (well, within reason of course). Countless studies have found that people make up their minds to buy within the first minute and a half of their initial interaction with a product, and some research has found that up to 90% of that initial assessment is based on colour alone. Colours have major power when it comes to visual merchandising because of their ability to impact emotions. Take advantage of that.

More than just visual. Appealing to all five senses is another great way to engage customers. People like to have the opportunity to try things before they buy, and displays that allow this, or even an experiential marketing campaign set up in-store, are great ways to draw on more than just the visual and both will give your products a chance to speak for themselves. The multi-sensory user experience is one that customers continue to look for.

The retail industry is competitive – we all know this – but using these visual merchandising trends to influence your strategy can really help you get a leg up. Differentiate yourself.

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