What’s on the Table? Food Trends for 2017

What’s cooking in the kitchen? Every year there seem to be fancy new food trends that everyone wants to try – some just once, others as a staple change. This week we are looking at some of the most popular food trends for 2017! If you’re looking to spark interest in-store, maybe highlighting some of these foods is the way to go.

Locally grown/raised ingredients are becoming more and more important to consumers. Both the appeal of knowing where certain foods come from, as well as the draw of supporting local growers, is really influencing the buying habits of Canadians. Stocking and marketing these products well can help create that emotional connection and drive sales.

Low-waste. This is not necessarily about a ‘new’ or ‘different’ food, it is more about consumers and chefs alike looking for ways to get more out of various foods and save on waste at the same time. People are looking for recipes that allow for the inclusion of the whole fruit or vegetable, such as, broccoli stalks and beetroot stems. The same is being done for ‘ugly’ veggies – those imperfect fruits and veggies. This is part of the sustainability trend. There are many creative ways to make sustainable, healthy and tasty food – and customers are finding them.

Fermented foods. Kimchi, kombucha, even fermented green beans and shallots are huge right now. Some of this has to do with the desire for ethnically-diverse offerings – a trend that continues to gain popularity as consumers look for something that they’ve never had before, something different that celebrates everything great about Canada’s multiculturalism.

Purple please – and we don’t mean those foods that have always been purple (although those too are on the list). We’re talking the ‘new purple’: purple carrots, purple broccoli, purple cabbage, purple onions. There are a number of health benefits linked to these and other purple foods – so it isn’t just about the aesthetic.

Ready-made. Convenience is still a major player when it comes to food trends. The only difference is that customers are looking for ready-made choices that encompass some of the other trends listed here: locally grown/raised ingredients, ethnic offerings, low-waste, etc. If you can cater to this, you cover more than just the ready-made shoppers, which is a bonus.

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