Who is Shopping: Retail Trends for the Months Ahead

store1We always like to keep you up to date on the latest retail trends in the CPG industry, and this week is no different. Over the last few months we’ve talked a lot about millennial shoppers, and how they are changing the face of grocery shopping. However, with this focus, we’ve neglected the other changes in consumer behaviour, and so today we right that wrong.

Check out this great article from Canadian Grocer, “Look Who’s Buying Groceries Now,” http://www.canadiangrocer.com/blog/look-who%E2%80%99s-buying-groceries-now-55466. In it, Marion Chan takes a look at some of the other major players shopping in Canada today, mainly those almost always forgotten.

Who are we talking about? Historically women have almost always been the main shoppers in a household, but over the last few years this has changed. According to the article, today approximately 40% of men take on the responsibility of household grocery shopping. When you look at shared responsibility, where both adults take part, that number increases to 60%! That is a huge segment largely being ignored when it comes to target markets.

Earlier we mentioned millennials, and the focus being placed on this group – but Chan notes this may be a mistake as well: “According to Project Millennial, a study conducted at the end of 2013, 45% of boomer males claim to have the primary responsibility for grocery shopping compared to 24% of millennial males. This has risen consistently from an overall of 15% in the early 2000’s.”

Whoa, again, big numbers.

So how do male shoppers differ from their female counterparts? A few ways, the article notes:

  • 60% of men are looking for a quick trip – in and out.
  • Man are not as impulsive, and their purchasing decisions are far more likely to come directly from a list.
  • Men are less likely to be motivated by coupons, promotions and discounts – they are less price sensitive and typically don’t compare prices.
  • 50% of men see a one-stop-shop as the priority, rather than price.

Marketing only to a certain segment of the population, primarily millennials, is something we’ve warned against in the past, and this information just cements that reasoning. In order to reach the greatest number, your strategies may need to be multi-pronged, but that will result in greater sales – never a bad thing.

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