Your Thoughts: The Minimum Advertised Pricing Debate

CPG MarketThe Globe and Mail released a very interesting article recently regarding the minimum advertised pricing debate, and we thought we’d give it a share. The article, titled “Canadian grocery suppliers strike back against heavy discounting,” takes a look at the often controversial issue of brands setting minimum prices for their products in the face of retailers’ decisions to use certain products as loss leaders, or to increase sales in various areas.

We all know how competitive the retail CPG market is, and how difficult it can be to remain at the top. How you maintain a high level of sales depends on a number of important factors, not least of which is the price point at which your product is sold.

We want to know what you think. This is a hotly debated issue – one that is highly relevant for all of us within the CPG market. What are your strategies for dealing with this issue? Visit our social media to weigh in and give us your thoughts!

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