You’ve Got a Rep to Protect: Digital Brand Management

Your brand is not only your name – that visible identifier that people know – it is also your reputation – what people think of you when they see that identifier. Maintaining a strong brand identity has become even more crucial in the digital era. With the heavy consumer attachment to the online social world, digital brand management is about so much more than your name.

When it comes to digital brand management, there are several moving parts that companies need to focus on. Actively listening to what others are saying about your brand online, whether positive or negative, not only provides you with valuable customer insight, it also gives you a chance to participate in a conversation that builds your brand image.

Ensuring that customers have a good experience online is also part of digital brand management, whether they are on your ‘owned’ social platforms or the platform of a retailer who sells your products. For example, if you have your own Facebook page, and are active and engage your customers, that typically equates to a positive user experience, but what about those customers that are talking about your products on that retailer’s Facebook page – a page you don’t pay much attention to? Are you paying attention to what they have to say?

What about reviews? Are you paying attention to these? More than ever before, customers are more likely than not to head online and check out a company’s reviews before making a decision to purchase. That means, if your pages (or third-party sites) are filled with 2 and 3 star reviews, you’re going to have a hard time converting those ‘window-shoppers’ into buyers. You need to not only keep an eye on reviews, you also need to actively work on boosting them. If you receive a bad review, don’t ignore it – that’s the worst thing you can do. You should be responding to each and every review online to increase your exposure and help build your reputation as a company that genuinely cares about its customers.

Digital brand management, while an important part of online marketing, is about more than marketing. One-way activity is useless if you are not listening and engaging your customers in conversation.

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