Are You Ready for Black Friday? A Focus on Retail Merchandising

It’s coming…are you ready?

For retailers and manufacturers alike, Black Friday has become the ultimate shopping day. Arguably even more so than the holiday shopping rush, Black Friday represents retails’ greatest chance to drive major sales over a seriously short period of time. So how can you compete? With a great retail merchandising strategy to help you get out in front of the crowd!

One of the biggest retail merchandising mistakes that you can make over this shopping extravaganza season is not being proactive and ensuring your brands have the best chance for selling. Retailers without inventory on the shelves, and incorrect or worse no pricing stickers or correct signage, sell less – it’s just basic math. Furthermore, even if customers may seem more forgiving during the busy season, mistakes can have lasting impacts.  Leaving the fate of your products to the process for these few very important days of extreme sales is often a mistake.

Concentrate on your customers’ experience. This is one of the major advantages bricks and mortar stores have over ecommerce retailers. Despite the fact that ecommerce is undeniably convenient, consumers still enjoy the overall experience. They want to see, touch and interact with products on the shelf before they make a purchase. You have the chance to ‘dress to impress’ and ensure your product is front and centre!

This is especially true on Black Friday. Since store traffic can jump over this day/weekend event, you really need to be prepared to meet the needs of the customers. Prepping inventory beforehand, during, and afterwards, is a smart move. This means having a plan in place to keep your products on the shelf looking great, and clearly labelled with the correct pricing, at all times.

When it comes to retail merchandising, it all matters. Whether we’re talking about shelf placement and replenishment and correct signage and pricing on displays these things all work together to form a cohesive customer experience strategy with visible and quantifiable results that will help you sell more during this opportune time in store.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Establishing a plan in advance will ensure that nothing is missed and customers remain happy (and shopping) your brands no matter how busy it gets.

At Marketsupport, we have the tools you need to succeed on Black Friday. With an ironclad retail merchandising plan that hits all the targets, you’ll be sitting pretty come November 24. Get in touch with us today by calling 1-877-421-5081.

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