Bridging the Marketing Gap: Retail Merchandising in an Ever-Changing Marketplace

Retail MerchandisingLast week we talked about how important it is with the rise of mobile e-commerce to ramp up your retail merchandising campaigns to deal with the competition this creates. The rise of mobile e-commerce is just one example of how vital it is to leverage different types of merchandising to attract different customers.

Here are just a few examples of this cross-sectional marketing and how a retail merchandising company can help you maintain it.

How you merchandise:

Print: displays, planograms, etc. These are one of the most important parts of any merchandising plan. When a consumer enters a store, the displays and planograms often play the largest role in attracting their attention. Whether you rely on stand-up display shelves, floor decals or shelving signs as a segment of your retail merchandising plan, these need to be carried out and maintained appropriately. A retail merchandising company can not only set them up according to your designs, they will also return to make sure that they are being used properly.

Coupons and promotions: Many consumers are attracted to coupons and promotions so making use of them is key. This is especially crucial when releasing a new product. You need to leverage this type of retail merchandising in order to attract this crowd. Again, a retail merchandising company can help by providing people support to distribute coupons or ensure that coupon dispensers are installed correctly.

Interactive: experiential marketing. Another effective retail marketing strategy is through taste tests or product trials. Research shows that those consumers who are given the chance to sample a product are more inclined to purchase. By leveraging and implementing an experiential marketing campaign you can harness the power inherent in this consumer group.

Who you merchandise to:

Generational gaps and catering too much to one generational group while largely ignoring the other can wreak havoc in the retail industry. For example, if you rely solely on mobile marketing you are ignoring the entire generation that this does not tailor to. Conversely, if you are just using print marketing, those consumers who see mobile or computerized displays as the way of the future may be lost.

When you set out to design your retail merchandising plan, make sure that all bases are covered. Don’t discount one group for another. Employ a retail merchandising company to guarantee that all targets are marketed to.

For more information about how to ensure that your retail merchandising strategy encompasses a variety of different marketing schemes please contact Marketsupport by calling 1-877-421-5081.

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