Creating Connections: Sensory Technology in Retail Merchandising

Sensory TechnologiesThe retail CPG industry is as competitive as ever today, and with the continued rise of online shopping (even in the CPG market), competing is as tough as ever. Utilizing intelligent retail merchandising tactics remains one of the best ways to attract attention and build customer loyalty. And one of the newest trends when it comes to this is sensory technology and increased consumer engagement.

What is sensory technology? We have all seen it – those retail displays that entice consumers through the use of interactive displays and screens. The use of visual images that shift or flow, rather than remaining static, have proven to be far more effective at grabbing attention. Furthermore, the use of touch and sound, rather than just sight, works wonders as far as bringing customers in and driving sales.

Why use this newer form of retail merchandising? Studies have shown that it goes a long way as far as influencing in-store purchasing. Those spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions made on the store floor are often a result of really effective merchandising, and sensory technology seems to be at the top of the list. Just as last minute purchasing choices are made at the cash register, sensory technology can be very influential down an aisle.

Creating connections through the use of sensory technology is also key here. The relationship you build with your client depends largely on that client, and so knowing your key target demographic is essential. When you have determined this, using specific colours, themes, even specific sounds can not only create a one-time sale, it can build a memory that that customer will continue to return to time and again. The ability to interact, often by providing more information to a customer which they can access on their own, increases the level of awareness and is equivalent to having a brand ambassador standing by your product at all times.

Although not typically considered sensory technology, experiential marketing can also mean big gains when it comes to creating that connection through a taste testing or a free trial. Developing a campaign that fits the season (for example, a BBQ party in the summer) can mean huge gains when it comes to both attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty with existing customers.

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