Customer Service Tips: Make the Holidays Happy

customer-service-tips-smWith the holiday season right around the corner, most retailers are already planning their strategies to deal with the crowds – or at least thinking about them. Some major chains have boosted the number of cashiers in an effort to curb long line-ups. Others have cut labour (we’re not really sure what end goal of this is). In the end, all the customer wants is great service, but are we giving it to them?

No matter the time of year, customers have high expectations of retailers when it comes to the level of service they receive. However, this expectation becomes exponentially higher around the holidays. Great – the busiest time of the year, and your customers want more? Yes, we all know this – it is not something new.

So, here are some customer service tips to make the holidays happy.

Stop and take a look around. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Is there something amiss that could/should be remedied right away? If you notice, there is no question as to whether or not your customers will.

Ensure the floor is well staffed. We really can’t stress this enough. One of the biggest problems for customers shopping during the holiday season is not getting the help they need – whether this be at the shelf when searching for a product or in line waiting to be served. Thus, this should also be the retailer’s number one priority. Make sure that you have access to a pool of trained, experienced labour available at a moment’s notice.

Listen to your customers. Let your customers vent their frustrations, and once you’ve figured out the problem, attempt to solve it as quickly as possible. Turning a frustrated customer into a happy customer works wonders for customer loyalty.

The same goes for the customers speaking to you online. Social media is powerful – especially in retail – and customers use it everyday. It can have a huge impact on your business. For example, statistics from the Spout Social’s Q4 2015 Index found that retailers failed to respond to more than 80% of consumer questions and requests on social media, particularly during the holiday shopping season. Customer service extends to your online presences, and when customers ask question online, they expect a response. Don’t ignore them – the results could be disastrous.

Set realistic expectations of your staff. The holidays are busy for everyone. Don’t place too much pressure on employees – this will just tire them out. Yes, they need to stay on top of the regular day-to-day as well as deal with the rush, but set realistic expectations.

At Marketsupport, we know how important customer service is, especially during the busy holiday season. Want a little extra help? We’ve got you covered. Get in touch today: 1-877-421-5081.

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