Deloitte’s 2015 Retail Industry Trends: Now and To Come

Deloitte recently released their report on 2015 retail industry trends, and we could not be more encouraged by the results. Big moves are being made by retailers, and the ability to adapt to change is providing ever more opportunity to increase your bottom line.

Check out this handy infographic which outlines the top 5 retail industry trends for this year:

2015 retail industry trends

According to the report, these are the five emerging trends for 2015:

  • Mobile retailing: expected to reach $640 billion in sales annually, this is a rapidly growing market that is making a huge impact. Globally, it is estimated that, by 2015, around 65% of the population will use a mobile phone and 83% of internet usage will be through mobile.
  • Faster retailing: customers now expect same-day delivery and quick response time, all the time.
  • Experience retailing: by adding technology, entertainment, and emotion, retailers can create a deeper level of engagement with shoppers. This will come with innovation to enhance the shopping experience, through social media campaigns or marketing co-creation.
  • Innovative retailing: market disruption with disruptive creativity. The future of retailing is about adaptation and embracing changes within the industry.
  • Travel retailing: redefining the role of airport retail in a company’s strategy. For many retailers, international tourism offers a great opportunity to engage with consumers due to lengthy layovers.

You can read the report in its entirety here:

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