From Browser to Buyer: Retail Displays that Grab Your Customer’s Attention

It is common knowledge that the amount of time you have to grab a consumer’s attention in-store is very minimal. Making your retail displays work for you takes more than just attracting attention – it also means keeping their attention – which can be incredibly difficult.

Check out this great infographic from Business 2 Community: The information contained within it may shock you! However, it may also make you re-think your retail display strategy!

Retail Displays

  • 6 seconds: The time it takes for a consumer to switch to a competitor when they can’t find their usual brand on the shelf.
  • 76%: The in-store decision rate (or the total of unplanned and brand-switch purchases).
  • 13%: The percentage of time customers spend looking at in-store displays.
  • 3 minutes: The maximum amount of time customers will spend waiting in line before becoming aggravated by the wait.
  • 90%: The percentage of shoppers who use their smartphone for pre-shopping activities.

Retail displays are a huge factor when it comes to influencing buying behaviour – so they have to be well thought-out and planned.

Whether you are a retailer or a brand at retail, don’t leave your retail displays to chance. Let Marketsupport help you execute your retail display strategy, one that takes note of these findings and secures real results. Call us today at 905.847.6513.

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