Generational Brand Loyalty: Reaching the Millennial Market

Brand Loyalty; that ever-elusive, continually changing concept that always seems difficult to pin down, let alone achieve, has yet again reared its (ugly? Guess it depends on how you look at it) head. It seems that with each year, new ideas surrounding how brand loyalty can be garnered are developed – some utter drivel, and others quite useful. And with each generation gap, this advice becomes even more important! After all, you aim to target a specific group, or groups, and if you can’t identify the members or their wants/needs, you might find yourself out in left field.

Check out this great infographic from Direct Marketing News, aptly title “Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation.” According to the image and accompanied report, there are some highly significant stats that should be considered. According to a recent study regarding brand loyalty among Millennials (those aged 18-33), the often accepted view that this age cohort is not brand loyal at all may not actually be all that accurate. In fact, the study found that 43% of respondents stated that they use the same brands as their parents, while 40% said that they feel the same level of brand loyalty as their parents, while a further 24% believed they actually held more brand loyalty than their parents. Check it out to find out what else the study found!

gen gap

When it comes to brand loyalty and generational differences, don’t just blindly accept that those younger generations are not focused on the traditions of their forbearers. In order to harness the power of each generation, the knowledge regarding what they want needs to be harnessed first.

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