Going Digital…Are You Targeting Through Digital

storeOver the last few years, digital has become the trend in retail. Keeping in touch with consumers, engaging them and motivating them to purchase has become far easier when digital is embraced. So, have you gone digital? Are you targeting your customers through digital?

Here are the top 3 digital trends sweeping the retail industry in 2015:

Social media. Social media continues to be a major player in the retail game. Before social media, people used the internet primarily to research products and compare prices. However, although that remains an important part of digital, far more is now done online, specifically when it comes to social networks and reputation. 10 years ago, not having a website was common. 5 years ago, many companies still had not jumped on the social media bandwagon. In 2015, both of these are gone the way of the horse and carriage – a few hangers-on still try to stick with tradition but it is becoming harder and harder. Now, people head online not just to research price, but to read reviews, get recommendations, find out what others in their networks are saying about different companies. Ignoring this fact can be detrimental – social media definitely needs to be embraced.

Marketing through email. Being asked for your email address at the register has become commonplace, and for good reason. Marketers are celebrating the value of email marketing for retail in a big way. It is a great way to keep customers informed, and especially when they are provided with something of value, is a great way to get them into the store. Just make sure to balance out the promo and don’t be sending daily emails – too much and that unsubscribe button will be getting a work out. Keep emails short and sweet – weekly deals, promos, etc. are a great way to keep customers connected with your brand or retail location.

Digital signage and interactive retail displays. Customer engagement offline is becoming just as important as online, and it too has gone digital. Digital signage and interactive displays are a great way to grab attention and get customers talking. This is especially popular with newer products or brands. Create an emotional connection, draw on seasonal tradition, anything that will make a customer stop and think is a worthy addition on the retail floor.

No matter the industry, going digital is now a necessity, and with CPG it is no different. Are you taking advantage?

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