How Hardware Manufacturers Can Prepare for the Fall Retail Rush

While we are still in summer, soon enough the leaves will be changing and there will be a nip in the air. Which in hardware manufacturer terms means it’s time for the fall retail rush.

Like spring, the autumn season is popular for home maintenance and projects. Use our tips to make the most of your fall merchandising for your hardware brand:

  1. Look Towards Indoor Remodeling Projects

The fall and winter seasons are typically when major indoor remodeling projects, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are tackled. If you have a showroom, rotate stock and redo vignettes for a fresh look. Make sure products are kept in stock and featured prominently and that sales staff are trained to answer questions about these types of home projects.

Paint, painting accessories, crown molding, and other decorative supplies are also good to keep upfront as this is the time of year many people turn their focus to sprucing up the inside of their homes.

  1. Upsell Special Orders

Promote any special orders available with signage, displays, and advertising. If a customer can’t find the right faucet, for example, there could be more options available that can be ordered in specially. Emphasize the quality and speed of special ordering and make sure your shipping processes are set up for ease.

  1. Promote Seasonal Goods in Your Point-of-Purchase Displays

Lawn bags, trash bags, rakes, antifreeze, caulk, and the like are all ideal items to place near the front of the store and checkout.

You also may want to emphasize leaf blowers, snow blowers, shovels, fall home décor, and more. Even if the leaves haven’t started to turn yet, these products will soon be on people’s minds. Take a look at historic sales data to see what products have typically been big sellers during the fall season.

  1. Create How-To Signage

Brands can offer seasonal signage that includes usage tips and application information. Perhaps there is a use for a product that a customer might not think of — that can be advertised in the signage. This can be particularly useful on point-of-purchase displays.

  1. Think Outside of the Box

Do you have unique products for sale that are nice-to-have, but not necessarily front of mind? Now is the time to advertise those. Garage heaters, mesh liners for the eavestrough, mulch for flower beds, tarps to cover outdoor furniture, furnace filters, etc. may be items you want to feature now.

But beyond just advertising these products, consider setting up in-store demos and (literally) taking them out of the box. This can help consumers picture how it would work in their own home.

The best time for hardware manufacturers to put these tips into practice is before the temperature drops. Marketsupport Canada can help you beat the cold. We can make sure your products are stocked, displays are positioned, your pricing information is accurate, and more.

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