How Are You Earning Customer Loyalty?

store sEarning customer loyalty, for retailers, is a constant struggle. Knowing who to target, and when, is a challenge – one that can make or break your bottom line. This is why it always helps to have someone in your corner offering timeless and trending advice.

Today we are taking on that roll and sharing this great article we found regarding earning customer loyalty, “25 Tips for Earning Customer Loyalty” from Entrepreneur. Check it out here:

Key takeaways:

  • Share your core values
  • Provide excellent service and exceed customer expectations
  • Always be transparent and admit when a mistake has been made
  • Create a sense of community with your customers
  • Don’t neglect existing customers
  • Offer incentives
  • Ask for feedback and act on that feedback
  • Always be reliable
  • Anticipate problems before they become problems
  • When problems are identified, fix them
  • Be flexible
  • Communicate

Customer loyalty has to be earned – we all know that – but there are some tried and true methods to do so. These tips draw on traditional methods and incorporate the latest trends, achieving maximum effect.

If you want more tips on earning customer loyalty, Marketsupport has the toolset to help. Call us today at 1-877-421-5081.

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