Looking for Work in Toronto – Has Your Ego Affected Your Ability to Find Toronto Employment?

The recent recession left many people in Toronto laid off, displaced and looking for work. Two of the most difficult situations are:

  • When you become laid off and realize that you will need to re-tool and change industries because of altered economic conditions or;
  • You left the work force to start a family and are re-entering at a time when the employment landscape has changed considerably.

If you are looking for work in Toronto and have previously held a high paying or prestigious position, you may now find that there is more competition in the market than ever, and these types of positions are harder to come by. This can present a crushing blow to the ego. The first thing that you need to do if you want to find Toronto employment is set your ego aside and get focused.

Re-entering the job market in Toronto can be both exciting and disappointing at times. Your success will depend on both your energy and outlook on things. When trying to find Toronto employment, getting passed over for an interview or learning that the job offer you were counting on was actually given to someone else can definitely hurt your pride. Realize that this is a natural and common experience that you may encounter during your career transition but also be aware that if you don’t tend to your bruised ego in a quick and positive manner, it will impact your ability to find employment.

When your pride is hurt, your motivation, energy and attitude can greatly suffer, and all of these things need to be in tip-top shape to achieve success in the job market.

When looking for work in Toronto, it is important to stay positive. Try not to spend a lot of time talking with former colleagues at your past company if the conversations are emotional and negative. This will only make you feel worse. Stay away from others who have given up. They will make it difficult for you to get your head around the possibility of taking on a new job in a lesser capacity than the one that you held with your previous employer. Do not listen to negative feedback that basically tells you you’ll never work again or not to take on a job that is not equal to or higher capacity than the last one you had. Unfortunately, this often comes from well-meaning friends and family members who are not experts on the job market.

Look at this time as an opportunity to gain new experience. Be open minded to different industries where you can apply your core attributes. Embark on a new and rewarding career, even if it is in a different industry than you are used to.

The retail industry in Toronto is one that is fairly easy to enter and can provide immense opportunity. The retail industry offers individuals from many different backgrounds with a chance to excel. Those who possess organizational skills and have experience in sales or customer service can be successful in retail. Even folks who have come out of the manufacturing industry or are just handy can be successful at retail. Retail provides opportunities in distribution, store set up, merchandising, sales and customer service.

When looking for work in Toronto, take a cup-half-full attitude to your job search. You can get through this tough time by taking care of yourself, reaching out to others, and focusing on your goals. Losing your job or re-entering the workforce can be an opportunity to take stock of your life, rethink your career goals, and rediscover what truly makes you happy.

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