Retail Expansion: Simons Opens in Square One

Retail Expansion smLast week, Quebec-based retailer Simons opened its much anticipated first Ontario store in Square One. The 110,000-square-foot store is the retailer’s 12th, and it represents an expansion the retailers is taking seriously. They are set to open another in Ottawa in August and four other stores are in development.

At a time when it seems as though many stores are getting smaller, focussing on a mixture of online and bricks and mortar, Simons is remaining traditional and opening stores while others make the move to downsize.

We’ve written extensively about the concept of retail dying in the past, hoping to break down the myth that online shopping is killing the bricks and mortar store. Simons opening in Square One is just another example of how physical stores remain a driving force on the retail landscape. Shoppers still want that retail experience, and Simons plans on delivering it.

You can check out more about this exciting new retail expansion here:

There are several factors required when it comes to surviving the retail game. Of course offering the ability to physically and digitally shop is important – a concept that Simons has embraced – their online shop is well known. Customer service is also crucial, as is building and maintaining brand loyalty. The right strategy can yield real results and this Canadian retailer seems to be taking these things and running with them! Congrats.

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